It all begins with Zuzy Rocka and her creations that people are coming to know as artwork and décor "by the Zu." Continuing to grow and expand, we hope to fill the world with a little more beauty each day.


portrait of Zuzy Rocka in her home studio

About Zuzy:
Zuzy Rocka is an artist based in the Sun Peaks area, British Columbia. Her work often shows natural subjects with a surrealistic spin to create something of a new world. She works with a variety of different mediums, ranging from acrylic paints, ink, watercolour, and other tools that can help create the vision she wishes to convey. Animals are very prevalent in her work as they have always been one of her deepest connections.

If asked what her best strength is, she would answer that it’s curiosity. Since she was young, Zuzy has always been asking questions and exploring the world around her. Drawn to nature and its critters the most. She never stops studying them and continually draws inspiration from their beauty and power.


Thanks so much for joining on this journey and following along in any way.